The Last Hour

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Roberto Grassi

The Last Hour - General Info

Warning! This section contains spoilers.

The IF has been written between january and february 2004.

I was sketching the design for my "Overlord" game (hope it will see the light the next year), when i came into DavidW entries request for his "One Room Comp". I was reluctant, at the beginning, then i came up with an idea for a short IF in which the player had to be in a cell. Up to this, nothing original. The interesting fact was that the player character HAD TO BE convinced that he is not guilty and MUST evade.

Every one, by default, thinks that the player character must have, NORMAL characteristics and, after all, an attitude similar to him. In few cases the player thinks that the player character, that he is moving, is DIFFERENT, by attitude and culture.
That was the main idea for developing the game.
A striking ending, to reveal the real nature of the player character.

Let me thank, here, people who has beta tested the game, and in particular Alberto Piva.